A multitude of people find their livelihood in agro-food sector. Population detonation, ever increasing consumer demand, use of sustainable resources and climate change are the prime issues encountered by the world. These issues can be expunged only by implementing the latest technologies in agriculture and allied sciences.  The main objective of The Agriculture Magazine is to provide an open access platform for authors to get on the soapbox and spread awareness regarding the technologies and awareness in agriculture sector. It was started by small group of students who wanted to benefit the society in agriculture and allied fields. This would be very useful to get an insight into the strew information of science based researches from all over the world.  We publish only cutting-edge informative articles.

The Agriculture Magazine is a peer-reviewed, open access monthly magazine, initiated for the purpose of providing information about novel innovations and techniques developed in agriculture and its allied sectors. Other than agriculture, it also focuses on the environmental aspects as it is of greater concern in present scenario and is needed to be addressed by agriculturists. This magazine gives a platform to researchers, scientists, students, innovative and progressive farmers and also any other members of scientific community to share their innovative ideas and to spread awareness in agriculture sector by publishing articles addressing the current and future needs. The Agriculture Magazine also aims at providing a platform to different agri and agri-tech start-ups to showcase their success stories, business ideas and plans, thereby enticing a sense of innovativeness among brilliant minds throughout out the world.

The articles can be from various disciplines viz., agronomy, soil science, horticulture, plant breeding, plant protection, agriculture extension, economics, forestry, seed technology, animal husbandry and dairy, fisheries, sericulture, irrigation science, agricultural engineering, veterinary, agri-business management, natural resource management, botany, home science, ecology, biochemistry, biotechnology, waste management, environmental sciences, community science, post-harvest technology and allied sciences background can be published in this magazine. Effective and content-rich communication of information is of vital priority. A broadened prospect on the advancement of new and innovative possibilities in the farm sector and its related areas has become highly important, consequently, The Agriculture magazine will help in disseminating such information to the grassroots and to all such agencies, institutes, organisations and stakeholders in the industry, abreast them with latest developments in the field of agriculture and agribusiness.

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